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PORSCHE 918 Spyder
PORSCHE 918 Spyder  2014 2022
2014 2022

Porsche had a long history with the Spyder name, starting with the 1953 Porsche 550, who won its first race just days after its launch.
The list didn’t stop there and it won’t stop with the 2014 918.

The 918 Spyder concept was shown at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and the reaction was surprisingly good. In 2013, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 918 was unveiled in its daily driver clothes. The hybrid supercar was made in a limited number.

The company stated that it resembled some of the glorious past models. Truth is that it might resemble some of its glorious racing models, but not the production ones. Due to its mid-engine configuration, its front was curved and low. The apron featured a wide black grille with side-scoops to cool the brakes and vents on the front fenders to extract the air from the wheel-well. A tall and narrow air-intake was placed in front of the rear fenders. It was divided to cool the engine and the brakes. In the back, behind the cabin, on the engine lid, there were the two exhausts.

The interior featured a three-gauge instrument cluster, unlike the regular five-dials on most of the other Porsches. The carbon-fiber trims on the dashboard and center stack were real, not fake. The center stack featured three rotary knobs and touch-buttons which were lit only after the engine was started. Since it was a supercar, it was fitted with sport-bucket seats, with carbon-fiber chassis.

The powertrain featured a twin-turbo gasoline V8 and two electric motors. The total power output for the 918 was almost 900 hp and it could do a 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds (0-100 kph in 2.6s). On top of that, it was all-wheel-drive and it could have been driven in electric mode for 19 km.

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