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PORSCHE 928 S 4  1986 1991
1986 1991

The German car manufacturer introduced the evolved S4 model of the 928 in 1986.
It was the fourth revision of the GT Porsche.

After nine years on the market, the age started to leave marks even on the beautiful Porsche 928. The car was introduced in 1977, and it was constantly upgraded to fit the customer’s needs. While it was more expensive than a 911, it was successful due to its improved drivetrain and shape.

From the outside, the 1986 model was enriched by Porsche with a new front bumper. It was extended downwards with a new apron. The slimmer bumper design and the integrated foglights in it made the car looks faster. In the back, a large spoiler was attached to the tailgate. The design team made a new rear panel, along with a new set of taillights.

The interior was even upmarket than the rest of the game with leather sport seats. The new sound system and the air-conditioning unit were changed as well. The engineers needed a higher transmission tunnel to install the gearbox in the back, in a transaxle system. The designers installed special trims on the steps and comfort features as standard, such as the AC unit and a premium sound system for the GTS version.

Under the hood, Porsche installed a 5.0-liter V8 engine, which was tuned for more power than before. It was paired with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. The 310 hp engine was good enough to make the rear 245 tires to scream for traction.

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PORSCHE 928 S   1980 1986
1980 1986

Only three years after Porsche introduced the 928 range on the market, the German car-maker decided to apply the first facelift.
The year was 1980, and the GT market started to be more contested by other car-makers. Along with the Jaguar XJS and the BMW 6-Series, Porsche claimed a slice of the market with the 928.

The exterior looked like a GT, with a long and flat hood, a 2+2 cabin, and a big window for the tailgate. One of the most characteristic features of the car were the pop-up headlights. They were exposed and leaned back when they were not needed and tilted forward to a vertical level when they were lit. The front and rear bumpers received a lip on the bottom to help the airflow.

Inside, the 928 featured bolstered seats in the front and two seats in the rear. The center tunnel was big due to the gearbox placed in the back. The instrument cluster was different than the one found in the 911. Since it was a luxury GT, Porsche fitted the car with that time’s comfort features, including air-conditioning.

Under the hood, there was a new, 4.7-liter engine. It featured a direct fuel injection, which helped to get better fuel efficiency and lower the emissions. The engineers paired the V8 unit to a 5-speed manual. For some markets, an automatic version was available.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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