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PORSCHE 968 Turbo S
PORSCHE 968 Turbo S   1993 1994
1993 1994

If the 944 got a Turbo version, why not a 968 got one? Even though it was built in a very limited number and if it wasn’t allowed to race in the GT3 class-category, it was a great track car.
The 968 Turbo S was largely based on the 968 Club Sport. There were a few differences between them. Most notably, the Turbo S offered more than 50 hp than the CS.

The 968 Turbo S was developed to be raced against friends, not on official races. The exterior looked almost the same as the CS version. On its long hood, there were two air-intakes needed to feed the turbocharger and help to cool the engine. In the rear, the Turbo S version featured a taller, adjustable wing.

Inside, the car was stripped down to its essentials. It was fitted as standard with slim bucket seats, but there was a no-cost option for the regular seats. There was no bench in the back. Moreover, instead of a big shelf above the trunk area, there was a flimsy piece of fabric. The car came without a radio or an AC-unit, but these could have been added from the options list. To open or close the windows, a manual system was installed instead of the powered one.

The 968 CS was fitted with larger wheels, larger disc brakes, and stiffer suspension. Further reinforcements were installed in the engine compartment between the dampers’ towers. The engine was a turbocharged 3.0-liter unit fitted with the variable valve timing named VarioCam from the standard 968. With the new improvements, the Turbo S offered 305 hp, enough to give hard times to some friends who chose something else.

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