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PORSCHE Cayenne S TransSyberia 957
PORSCHE Cayenne S TransSyberia  957 2009 2011
2009 2011

Following the victory in the 2007 Transsyberian Rally, when 27 out of 34 entrants chose to run with a Cayenne, Porsche introduced a limited-edition named Transsyberia.
Porsche brand was always connected to the motorsport arena, but it couldn’t find a better race to show its pedigree than the Transsyberian Rally, a 4400 race between the Russian capital Moscow and the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. The car was based on the Cayenne GTS version, but it featured important upgrades.

Unlike the GTS, which was built mainly for speed, the Transsyberia version was built for off-road races. It featured stainless steel underbody plates, both front, and rear. The air-suspension was fitted as standard. A set of smaller, 18”, light-alloy wheels was preferred instead of the GTS’s set of 21”. On top of the car, for the vehicles without a moonroof, a set of off-road lights was installed.

Inside, the car was fitted with black leather seats and aluminum trims. The instrument cluster featured four analog dials with white background and red needles inside aluminum rims. The infotainment unit was fitted as standard with a PCM (Porsche Communication Management). The rear seats were the same as those found in the Cayenne GTS.

The Cayenne Cayenne Transsyberia was fitted with a 4.8-liter V8 unit, which developed 405 hp. Unlike the GTS, it was offered exclusively with the Tiptronic S (automatic) 6-speed and a special final drive ratio. The air-suspension was fitted as standard and the PTM was adjusted to send 64% of the engine’s torque to the rear wheels.

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