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PORSCHE Cayman R 987C
PORSCHE Cayman R  987C 2010 2011
2010 2011

The 2010 Cayman R was the quickest from its brothers.
It not only looked meaner with its bigger wheels but it was quicker and could corner faster than the Cayman S with a Sport Chrono Package.

By 2010, those who said that the Cayman was the “poor man 911” swallowed their words. The Cayman was a different breed of animal than its much famous brother. It was a car easier to live with as a daily driver and it was very good on the track. But to become even better, the R-version was launched.

On the outside, few elements could point to the difference between the S and the R, apart from the badge and the optional side stickers. It stood on 19” light-alloy wheels instead of 18” ones from the S-version. In the back, a fixed spoiler was installed. The door panels were made from aluminum. The car was lighter by 55 kg (121.2 lbs). To add more drama, the suspension was lowered by 20 mm (0.8”) than the S.

Inside, the weight-reduction plan was continued with the installation of new race-bucket seats slim and made from carbon-fiber. The standard version didn’t feature air-conditioning. It wasn’t needed for the race-track. But the infotainment unit was kept.

The drivetrain was the most upgraded part of the car. For starters, it featured a rear-differential lock fitted as standard. The brakes system was enhanced with bigger, 318 mm (12.52”) discs at the front and 28 mm (1.1”) for the rear axle. A Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) with 350 mm (13.8”) discs in all corners was on the options list. The engine was enhanced as well and gained 10 hp more. For the PDK gearbox, a launch-control sequence was installed.

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