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PORSCHE Cayman 981C
PORSCHE Cayman  981C 2012 2016
2012 2016

The 2012 Porsche Cayman was more of a closed version of the Porsche Boxster.
It featured the same engines and suspension, but with a closed top and unibody construction.

The history of the mid-engined cars from Porsche goes way back in history. In the mid-’70s it tried the market with the 914 Targa, but the low powered vehicle was not very well received by the market. In 1996, Porsche decided once again to add a new base model for its lineup and introduced the Boxster. This time, it gave it a better engine. Due to its success, in 2005 a second generation was introduced. This time Porsche listened to its customers who were looking for a lighter version and introduced the Cayman. Since it was a closed construction, it was lighter than the Boxster. It was an instant success and, in 2012, a second-generation was introduced to the market.

The well-proportioned car featured a mid-engine and a flat and low front side. The greenhouse was sloped rear with a big window, right before the rear deck-lid. The car featured two trunks: one in the front and one in the rear, behind the engine bay.

Inside, the Cayman featured two sport-bucket seats. The dashboard was slightly tilted toward the driver. The classic layout of a 5-dials instrument cluster was kept. A high-end Burmeister sound system specially tuned for the Cayman was available as an option.

The base engine for the Cayman was a 2.7-liter flat-six unit that boosted out 236 hp and it was mated to a standard 5-speed gearbox. A 5-speed Tiptronic sequential gearbox was available as an option. The top-model was the Cayman S with a 3.4-liter engine that was mated to a 6-speed manual and the same option for the automatic transmission as the base model.

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PORSCHE Cayman 987C
PORSCHE Cayman  987C 2009 2012
2009 2012

Four years after the introduction of the Cayman S, and three after the regular Cayman, the mid-engine sport-coupe from Porsche received an important update.
The facelifted version of the Cayman offered a completely enhanced package. From the exterior to the interior, from the engine to the gearbox and suspension, it was reworked. It might be mistaken with a new model if the Porsche internal coding system wouldn’t be the same as on the 2006 Cayman (987C).

At the front, a new pair of headlights were installed, with a bigger lens for the main beams and the stationary lamps. The fog-lights were installed upper and on the outer side of the side air-scoops from the apron. A reshaped, and smaller, front grille was installed. In the back, the taillights were completely different and featured all red-lights with LED. The bumper received a redesigned diffuser with the exhaust tip kept in the middle.

Inside, the new infotainment unit with a 5” screen and MP3 compatible CD-player was featured as standard. As an option, a PCM (Porsche Communication Management) with a 6.5” touch-screen was installed for more options. The Bluetooth connectivity with the mobile phone was offered as an option for both versions.

The engine displacement was increased from 2.7 to 2.9-liter and received direct fuel injection. The result was a 20 hp increase over the non-facelifted version, while the fuel consumption remained the same. A big improvement was for the automatic gearbox, which was completely replaced by the new PDK (double-clutch) 7-speed unit. The standard version kept the 6-speed manual.

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PORSCHE Cayman 987C
PORSCHE Cayman  987C 2006 2009
2006 2009

A year after the Cayman S and the second generation of the Boxster were unveiled, Porsche released the non-S version of its mid-engine sport-coupe vehicle.
The “regular” Cayman was still a sports car that could top a 0 to 100 kph (0-62 mph) in 6.1 seconds so it couldn’t be called a “slow” car. It was slower than its brother S, but it was still a daily-driver sports-car.

The Cayman was built to be not only a fast and nimble car but a practical vehicle as well. It featured two luggage areas: one in the front and one behind the engine, with a total storage of 410 l (14.5 cu-ft), which was more than enough for a vacation in two for a week. The car featured round headlights inspired by former glory models such as the Porsche 550 Coupe or the Porsche 904 Coupe. The side air-intakes placed in front of the rear wheels provided air to cool the mid-mounted engine.

Inside, the Cayman S offered room for two passengers. The interior featured most of the parts from the Boxster II, with the same layout for the instrument cluster. The bolstered seats were upholstered in leather and fabric, depending on the option.

For the 2.7-liter flat-six engine, Porsche installed its latest VarioCam Plus management. That ensured higher torque at low-revs, leading to a decent fuel-efficiency for a 245 hp engine. The engine was paired as standard with a 5-speed manual, while a 5-speed automatic (Tiptronic) was on the options list.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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