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PORSCHE Macan GTS  95B 2021 2022
2021 2022

Porsche gave a seventh-anniversary present to the Macan and gave it an improved, more powerful version for the GTS range along with some other visual and technical updates.
While the Porsche purists were outraged by the introduction of the Porsche Cayenne, stating that the carmaker should stick only to sports cars, the customers were thrilled. Eventually, the Cayenne became the biggest money-maker for the German brand. But, soon, the voices of the nay-sayers were turned down again with the addition of the Panamera and, in 2014, by the Macan.

The 2021 model was still based on the same platform as the Audi Q5, but apart from the MLB platform, the GTS was completely different. Its exterior design was improved over the 2016 model year. Its front fascia featured a broad black grille that covered the mid-section of the bumper from side to side. Its LED DRL’s underlined the swept-back headlights, which received Porsche Dynamic Light System (PLDS) fitted as standard.

Porsche fitted a new center console inside the Macan GTS, enhanced with touch controls instead of physic buttons and with a shorter gear selector. In addition, the carmaker now installed the analog clock on top of the dashboard as a standard feature.

But the biggest changes were for the drivetrain. The engine received a boost of 60 hp over its predecessor, reaching 440 ponies from the same 2.9-liter turbocharged engine. In addition, Porsche stiffened the Macan’s air suspension, and the ground clearance dropped by 10 mm (0.4”) when compared to the rest of its siblings.

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PORSCHE Macan GTS  95B 2019 2021
2019 2021

Four years after its predecessor first brought the historic GTS (Gran Turismo Sport) moniker to the Macan range, Porsche has operated a mid-cycle facelift on the Macan GTS in 2019.
Powered by a brand new engine and with a refreshed look, the sportiest member of the Macan family has been improved in almost every single respect. The 3.0-liter from the previous model was replaced by a 2.9-liter V6 that follows a “hot-vee” architecture of its twin-turbocharging system, with the turbos being arranged inside the V of the engine.

With 380 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque at its disposal, the new powerplant is exactly 20 hp and 20 Nm more powerful than the engine it replaces. Its responsiveness is also a lot more direct thanks to the same hot-vee arrangement, while the sports exhaust system has been specially tuned for the facelifted Macan GTS thanks to a similar reason. Design wise, the front end is nearly identical to its predecessor, but the rear has been extensively redesigned to keep the car more in line with the latest Porsche design language. That is why the individual rear taillights are now unified by a light bar like on its bigger brother, the Cayenne. The car also features a distinguishing feature found on all Porsche GTS models, with the front and rear aprons having black painted design elements no matter what the car’s color is.

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PORSCHE Macan GTS  95B 2015 2019
2015 2019

The Macan GTS was released for those who already enjoyed the standard Macan, but would never refuse a sportier version.
Sportier? Actually, the GTS was more like a sports hatch.

While the handling was already impeccable, its power was raised and got to 355 bhp with the twin turbo V6 engine.

Visually, the GTS could be recognized by its black window trims, black accents, black 20-inch alloy wheels and the black exhaust pipes. The exterior palette offered 11 colors, but the buyers could actually choose whichever color they preferred for just $11,000. Did we say “just”?!

The interior got new seats with Alcantara inserts, and for a more personalized cabin, buyers could opt for the GTS leather package that added red seatbelts and red stitching. While the center console was overwhelmed with buttons, it overall offered a great setup and a pleasant clean design.

The other features such as the navigation system, trip computer and general car information were nothing new or surprising. The driving position was still excellent as in the standard Macan and offered great visibility.

The Macan GTS offered a firm ride and a direct steering and had standard selectable drive modes. And if the “Sport” mode was still not enough, $3,000 brought a “Sports Plus” button.

The 7-speed automatic transmission was incredibly fast and the driver could also manually shift gears. The GTS offered an all-wheel-drive system and was nevertheless a thirsty car, but fuel economy was not a reason someone would buy the GTS, right?

And if you expect the GTS to have had the premium features a luxury crossover would normally offer in 2016… not the case for this one. Features such as a reverse camera, heated seats, driving assist and many more could get the buyer to a $120,000 worth of options. Why? Because the Macan’s purpose was to offer a pure sports car into the body of a medium-size SUV.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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