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RENAULT Clio Symbol / Thalia Clio Symbol/Thalia
RENAULT Clio Symbol / Thalia Clio Symbol/Thalia  2008 2013
2008 2013

Renault brought the second generation of the Symbol/Thalia in 2008 for the emerging markets and improved its safety and powertrains.
Renault chose the Moscow Motor Show to unveil the second generation of the Renault Symbol, also known as Thalia, in specific countries. Unlike its predecessor, it dropped the “Clio” badge from its name and remained as a distinct range in the French manufacturer’s lineup. It was entirely based on Clio’s second generation and benefited from a few upgrades regarding the powertrains.

The Symbol II appeared as a composed three-box sedan and lost its bad image as a Clio with a backpack. Renault’s designers worked hard to integrate the trunk into the car’s general look. At the front, they installed big, swept-back headlights and a slatted grille. Up to the B-pillar, it might resemble its hatchback cousin, but from there to the back, it was different. The raked-forward D-pillar and the window behind the rear doors made a huge difference.

Inside, the designers tried and succeeded to make the interior as nice as possible for its price range. The two-tone dashboard and the scooped display for the on-board computer placed on top of the dash looked similar to those from other, more expensive, Renaults. On the plus side, Renault bragged about the 505 liters (17.8 cu-ft) trunk size, which was bigger than most of the compact-sized vehicles and definitely better than its direct competitors from the small-segment.

Renault installed more safety features on the Symbol to pass the Euro5 norms and improved the engine range, and started with the 1.2-liter, 75 hp unit. On selected markets, such as the Russian, Renault offered the Symbol with a 1.6-liter engine paired to a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

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RENAULT Clio Symbol / Thalia Clio Symbol/Thalia
RENAULT Clio Symbol / Thalia Clio Symbol/Thalia  2002 2006
2002 2006

Renault introduced a facelifted version of the Clio Symbol/Thalia in 2002, upgrading the car accordingly to the regular Clio hatchback.
In particular countries, the customers considered the three-box sedan vehicles more attractive. Renault noticed that and introduced the three-box sedan Clio Symbol, Thalia, on specific markets, based on the same platform with the regular Clio hatchback. In 2002, the French carmaker had to upgrade its lineup, and the three-box sedan also received a refresh.

At the front, the 2002 Symbol/Thalia featured the same “Bird beak” design from the rest of the Renault range. Its vertical slat divided the front grille in two and sported the chromed rhomboidal badge, and Renault extended the triangular-shaped headlights over the front plastic fenders. The Symbol featured a new body-colored bumper with a lower grille end two scoops for the optional fog lights. For the upper trim levels, it featured body-colored door handles and mirrors.

Inside, there was a similar-looking dashboard, but with increased material quality. It also featured a passenger airbag. Behind the steering wheel, Renault installed a stack that controlled the new CD stereo sound system. Another improvement was on the instrument cluster, which sported white dials and red needles for the speedometer, tachometer, and the gauges for fuel level and coolant temperature. For the upper trim levels, the carmaker offered an option for power windows.

Under the hood, Renault installed a choice of three gasoline and one turbo-diesel engine, available with a few power options, depending on the market.

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RENAULT Clio Symbol / Thalia Clio Symbol/Thalia
RENAULT Clio Symbol / Thalia Clio Symbol/Thalia  2000 2002
2000 2002

The Renault Clio Symbol, also called Thalia on certain markets, is a the 4-door sedan version of the original Clio hatchback and was especially addressed to those countries in which the hatchback didn’t sell too well.
Besides Symbol and Thalia, the sedan was also named Renault Clio Classic, Renault Clio Sedan or Renault Clio Tricorps. Moreover, the Symbol was also sold as Nissan Platina on those markets were Renault was not present. The 2001 edition of the car came in four engine configurations, 1.4 16V, 1.4 8V, 1.5 dCI 65 hp and 1.5 dCI 80 hp combined with a manual, 5-speed transmission.

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