ROLLS-ROYCE Phantom 2017 - 2022

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Segment: Luxury

The eighth generation Rolls-Royce Phantom was introduced in 2017 to set a new benchmark in the global luxury industry.
The engineers have built the new Phantom from the ground up to be scalable to the size and weight requirements of different future Rolls-Royce models, including those with alternative propulsion, traction and control systems, and more. The chassis of the Phantom VIII is 30 percent more rigid and significantly lighter than the outgoing version. The air suspension is all-new taking the Magic Carpet Ride to a new level while the acoustic insulation has been improved for almost total isolation from the exterior. The heart of the luxurious behemoth is a redeveloped V12 engine which has been tuned to deliver more torque at lower revs to ensure more silence. Another benchmark, the Electronic Architecture of the New Phantom is the largest ever component produced by the BMW Group, let alone Rolls-Royce, helping to make New Phantom the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever.

ROLLS-ROYCE Phantom 2017 2022

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