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SKODA Fabia Sedan
SKODA Fabia Sedan   2001 2006
2001 2006

Designed to compete against the new small-segment sedans introduced by Renault, the Fabia Sedan proved to be a good choice for specific markets but not a long-term solution.
After Volkswagen bought the Czech carmaker, Skoda, it helped it through a difficult upgrading process. Soon, the East-European company started to pick up speed and gather more market share in the budget niche market. The Octavia was the first important step, followed by the Fabia small-segment hatchback in 1999. In 2001, Skoda introduced the three-box sedan version.

It was already known that the customers from former communist countries were more attached to sedan vehicles than to hatchbacks or station wagons. Renault enjoyed significant success with the Clio Symbol (or Thalia) model, and Daewoo scored big sales with the Cielo Sedan as well. Skoda used the same platform as the Polo or Seat Ibiza, added a trunk in the back, and the car was ready. Its front fascia was identical to the one from the hatchback version, while at the back, it featured similarly shaped taillights.

Inside, due to the small wheelbase, it was difficult to put someone in the back if it was taller than a child. It was an affordable car, not a cheap one. The dashboard and all the front sides were carried over from the five-door version, while in the back, the trunk could carry up to 439 liters (15.5 cu-ft), which was already in the compact segment territory.

Skoda offered the Fabia Sedan a wide choice of engines ranging between 64 hp and a 115 hp, 2.0-liter engine.

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