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VOLVO 144   1967 1974
1967 1974

The Volvo 144 represented one of the first major successes recorded by the Swedish company which became famous for building very safe vehicles.
Ever since 1966, the year when the Volvo 144 came up, the company was pretty focused on security measures so this car was equipped with innovative elements for that period.

For instance, it came with safety belts for both the driver and the front seat passenger while the material used for the body could absorb the shock and reduce the damage of a front impact. Applying the famous Volvo naming system, the one that consists in 3 letters, each of them representing the series, the number of cylinders and the number of doors, reveals quite a lot of details about the car. So, the Volvo 144 was a member of the first series, had a 4-cylinder engine and had 4 doors. Even so, the car interior was pretty spacious, a feature also improved by the three side windows.

A midlife refresh changed the front grille and headlights, as well as the rims, colors, taillights, bumpers and a few other elements.

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