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ALFA ROMEO 75   1985 1992
1985 1992

The 75th celebration of the Alfa Romeo brand was the year when the 75 model came on the market.
It replaced the Giulietta range and it was the last car built by Alfa-Romeo before being purchased by Fiat. And it was a car that had the Italian’s brand sports DNA.

The Alfa Romeo 75 was an unusual vehicle for its era. The boxy design, the technical solutions for the drivetrain and the high specific power of its engine placed the 75 on top of almost 400.000 buyers between 1985 and 1992.

The smaller engine that equipped the 75 was a 1.6-liter with a carburetor, while the most powerful was a 3.0-liter V6 that offered 192 hp. The latter version was mainly built for the U. S. and it could have been mated to a 3-speed automatic gearbox.

The very good balance of the car was achieved due to a transaxle system, where the engine was in the front and the gearbox was in the back. The same solution was used on the Alfa Romeo GTV sport coupe vehicle.

Inside, the boxy design was continued with a square center console and flat panels were the main interior theme. It had enough room inside and it was used also for the Italian Police as highway cruiser and interceptor. The 75 has received more updates during the production time.

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