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ALFA ROMEO Crosswagon Q4
ALFA ROMEO Crosswagon Q4   2004 2007
2004 2007

The rising demand for crossover vehicles took Alfa Romeo by surprise, but it managed to adapt and introduced the 156 Q4 Crosswagon in 2004.
While more and more customers started to turn their attention towards crossovers and SUVs, the Italian carmaker has begun to lose market share. The 156 range was already old, and it went through two facelifts. But Alfa Romeo was not ready to give up on that and refreshed it once more in 2004 and unveiled it as a crossover.

Without any off-road experience under its belt, the Italian carmaker took whatever information considered necessary and built the Crosswagon. It raised the ground clearance, added aluminum skid-plates under the engine and tank, and reshaped the side body panels. Its darker lower areas for both bumpers and the additional side sills did their job; the 156 Q4 Crosswagon looked like a proper crossover.

But the Italian carmaker was not completely satisfied. Inside, it added a new set of aluminum pedals that matched the new carpets and mats. The two-tone dashboard looked more elegant, and, as an option, Alfa Romeo added a new top-quality leather upholstery. As unique for its entire range, the carmaker included a compass in the rear-view mirror.

Under the body, the car went through a significant revamp. Alfa Romeo had zero experience in off-road vehicles, but its brothers from Lancia knew something more from the Safari Rally. Thus, the Q4 Crosswagon received a Torsen-based all-wheel-drive system. Under the hood, Alfa Romeo installed a 1.9-liter turbo-diesel engine that provided 150 hp.

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