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BENTLEY T1 Saloon  1965 1976
1965 1976

Bentley introduced the T1 model in 1965, and it was a badge-engineered Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, but with a few changes.
With the T1 model, Bentley entered into the modern era of unibody construction, leaving the older body-on-frame system behind or just for the open-top vehicles. Even though it looked very similar to the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, it was a car for the owner to drive, not to be chauffeured.

The specific, rounded Bentley grille with a pinned-out design was shorter than the one used by Rolls-Royce. That led to a slightly narrower front end, giving the car a sportier look. Its flush fenders featured turn signals on the outside and the front edge. Underneath its chromed metallic bumper Bentley installed a new air-intake to cool the engine and the AC radiator. At the back, the carmaker placed narrow and tall taillights on the rear quarter fender’s edge.

Inside, Bentley delivered the same quality interior as Rolls-Royce. Its leather-clad cabin featured a flat dashboard with wood veneers and chromed dials in front of the driver and a glove compartment on the passenger side. Since the gear selector was on the steering column, the carmaker could install two wide seats at the front, which formed a bench. Moreover, Bentley installed two folding armrests in the middle. Still, there was enough room for three adults at the front. In the back, the carmaker offered a comfortable bench for three adults. On the back of the front seats’ seatbacks, the manufacturer added two folding trays.

Under the hood, Bentley relied on the same 6.2-liter V-8 powerplant produced by Rolls-Royce but tuned to provide more power. In the beginning, it was paired with a GM-sourced three-speed automatic gearbox. Later on, the carmaker replaced that three-speed unit with a four-speed automatic, which General Motors also provided.

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