BUICK LaCrosse 2016 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style:

Segment: Medium Premium

The third generation of the LaCrosse represents a step forward for the Buick brand as a luxury brand.
With the help of new technology, new materials and improvements in all sectors, it is closer to Lincoln and Lexus.

First of all, the look didn’t look outdated the moment it got out of the assembly line. It looks quite fresh and ready to receive the younger generation aboard. The triple-shields in the middle of the black, large, grille looked elegant, but not old-fashioned classic. The entire vehicle looked like it was designed by a designer who had graduated the college after the Iron Curtain fell. Even if the base of the vehicle was the same Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, the Buick specific design language is present everywhere, but in a modern way.

Inside, the cabin is spacious and features up to date modern equipment. The instrument panel has three round dials with a modern look. A long list of options was provided by the Buick, including 4G LTE in-car WI-fi, a head-up display, an 8” infotainment display, and Bose sound system, etc.

Under the hood, there was either a 4-cylinder mild-hybrid system or a V6 unit that offered 310 hp. For the four-pot engine and basic trim levels, the standard transmission was a 6-speed automatic, while for the top versions the 9-speed auto or 8-speed auto were standard.

BUICK LaCrosse 2016 2022

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