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CITROEN SM   1970 1975
1970 1975

One of the most advanced cars produced by the 70’s, the SM had a revolutionary exterior design and technology.
While the aviation world was revolutionised with the first supersonic aircraft produced, the Concorde, Citroen was busy with the SM, one of the most prestigious vehicles in the history.

The SM was fast, almost like a sports car, but still comfortable, pleasant to drive, with a precise handling and steering, as well as a great suspension and effective brakes. Fitted with a front-wheel-drive system, the Citroen SM was equipped with a new type of variable assist power steering to solve torque steering. The system was not the best, with not much feedback offered to the driver.

The exterior design was done by the Citroen chief designer Robert Opron.

Released in 1970 at the Geneva Motor Show, the SM was the fruit of the collaboration between Citroen and Maserati. The large V6 Italian engine was however, besides powerful, one of the reasons for the SM’s commercial failure, due to high taxation.

The SM inherited from the Citroen DS the hydraulic system and offered great comfort, thus the SM was not designed as a standard GT where comfort was not the first on the list.

The SM had an aerodynamic styling, improved by 25% compared to the DS, Citroen reaching this performance with numerous wind tunnel tests made during the development stages.

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CITROEN SM Presidential
CITROEN SM Presidential  1970 1975
1970 1975

The Citroen SM Presidential was a high performance coupe produced by the French manufacturer between 1970 and 1975.
The Citroen SM placed third in the 1971 European Car of the Year contest, and won the U.S. 1972 Motor Trend Car of the Year award, trailing it’s stablemate the Citroen GS. The Citroen SM ( Sport Maserati ) was the flagship for Citroen, competing with high performance GTs from manufacturers such as Jaguar, Lotus and Porsche. The SM had the famous Citroen suspension which made the car comfortable despite the sporty look and the Maserati V6 monster lurking under the bonnet.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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