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DAEWOO Gentra   2005 2011
2005 2011

After GM took-over the Daewoo brand, it had to keep that name on the markets where it was important, such as South Korea, and, in 2005, it introduced the Gentra.
Chevrolet was a well-known brand worldwide, but in South Korea, Daewoo was more attractive to the customers, so GM decided to keep it on the market. In 2005, along with the Chevrolet Aveo’s introduction at the Shanghai Motor Show, it introduced the Daewoo Gentra, which was basically the same vehicle, but with a few differences.

The Gentra featured a bumper with a wide air intake installed on the apron and two fog-lights on the outer side from the outside. A three slats grille with chromed accents and a rim were installed on the bumper’s upper side. On the trunk lid, the carmaker fitted a small wing to induce an upper car-segment idea.

Inside, there were more differences. The Gentra featured leather seats, an infotainment unit with a touch-screen installed on the center stack, and wood-trims on the dash and doors. It was something that was not available on the Chevrolet Aveo. On the center console, the designers installed an aluminum trim design made out of plastic. It was the same for the Aveo when it was fitted with an automatic transmission.

Under the hood, Chevrolet installed a choice of three gasoline engines ranged between 75 hp and 105 hp. All of them were mated as standard to a 5-speed manual. A 4-speed automatic was available as an option for the 105 hp version.

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