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DAEWOO Tosca   2006 2015
2006 2015

After being purchased by General Motors, the new owner used the Daewoo brand on specific markets for badge-engineering products.
The Tosca, which stood for “TOmorrow Stand CAr,” was the successor for Daewoo Magnus. It was also sold on the Australian market as Holden Epica or on the European market as Chevrolet Epica. Its platform was an upgraded version of the one used by the Daewoo Leganza. Giorgetto Giugiaro signed its design.

Italdesign made many successful cars over time, but its main design language featured wedged shapes and straight lines. The Tosca was utterly different. It featured a bio-design inspiration with swept-back headlights and rounded shapes. Its ascending beltline and cab-rearward design hid the short wheelbase compared to the car’s overall length. The car featured a split taillight system at the back, with a set of lamps mounted on the trunk lid, flanking a chromed slat.

Inside, Daewoo installed an up-market interior. The leather upholstery, wood trims, and premium sound system connected to a touch-screen infotainment unit were not typical in 2006. Its front bucket seats provided small side support while the bench was designed for two occupants, with a folding center armrest. Thanks to its good, 2.7 meter (106.3”) wheelbase, it offered enough legroom for the rear passengers.

Under the hood, Daewoo installed an inline-six, two-liter engine. It was designed and produced in-house, not by GM. The only General Motor unit was the two-liters turbo-diesel.

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