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FIAT 501 S Torpedo Sport
FIAT 501 S Torpedo Sport  1919 1926
1919 1926

Right after WWI, Fiat resumed its production and started to develop a new vehicle: the 501.
It was a groundbreaking vehicle that helped the Italian carmaker to achieve huge sales.

Europe was severely affected by the aftermath of WWI and the Spanish Flu. Still, the countries started to rise again and increase their products. As part of the Alliance powers that won the war, Italy was not down on its knees and revived its economy quite fast. The introduction of the 501 model range was a great success, and the car was sold in over 47.000 units.

The Torpedo Sport was a try to see if there was some appetite for motorsports among its customers, and the result was surprisingly good. With its flush bodywork and only the wheel fenders exposed, the car looked modern. Its electric headlights were mounted on separate struts. The car featured a door on the front left side and on the rear right side.

Inside, Fiat installed two rows of seats suitable for up to six people, but mostly only four could sit comfortably inside, on the leather-wrapped benches.

The 501 S featured a 1.5-liter engine paired to a 4-speed manual transmission when other carmakers were still struggling with 3-speed gearboxes. Power went to the rear wheels via a chain and an open differential.

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