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FIAT Stilo 5 Doors
FIAT Stilo 5 Doors   2006 2007
2006 2007

Seeing the huge success of the German carmaker Volkswagen with its flagship model Golf, Fiat decided to design the Stilo based on their Bravo.
While the new Fiat Stilo looked much alike the Volkswagen MKIII, Fiat also ditched the fully independent suspension found on the Bravo and adopted the semi-independent suspension like the one in the Golf. The results was a heavy and underpowered vehicle with a rather dull exterior design.

Failing to impress the targeted customers, Fiat decided to give it one more try in 2006 when the Stilo was slightly updated.

Aesthetically, the facelifted model heated a new grille design with a horizontal silver slate that supported the front badge.

The Italian carmaker tried to bump the sales and introduced a facelift for it in 2006. Its headlights featured clear lenses and the same angular shape as before. A big aesthetic improvement was for the door-handles, which were painted in body color. Before the facelift, they were black.

Inside, the black air-vents were refreshed and got a new aluminum-like finish. The instrument cluster now sported white dials and the electric mirror controls were moved from the window control console behind the gear stick.

A major update was represented by the new infotainment system that added a color touchscreen.

Fiat dropped the 1.2-liter engine under the hood, which was carried over from Punto, and the base version featured a 1.4-liter four-mill. An interesting option was for the diesel version, which was paired to a standard 5-speed manual, and, as an option, the customer could get a 6-speed manual.

Not even the facelifted version helped Fiat to raise interest in the Fiat Stilo, thus the model was put out of production in 2007.

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FIAT Stilo 5 Doors
FIAT Stilo 5 Doors   2001 2006
2001 2006

The Fiat’s replacement for their Brava model was revealed in 2001 under the nameplate of Stilo.
Pretty self explanatory, the Stilo was designed to create a stylish image.

The compact hatchback competed with the Opel’s Astra G, the Ford’s Focus, the VW’s Golf and others.

The Stilo was available with a 3-door or a 5-door shape.

The exterior design was completely refreshed, the Italian brand choosing to use sharp and straight lines all along the car’s body.

For the first time in the world, the Stilo was equipped with an electrical steering system, thus managing to improve handling and efficiency.

The Stilo was offered with 6 engine options, 2 diesel and 4 gasoline.

Quite an unexpected feature for a car manufactured in 2001, the Stilo was fitted with an adaptive cruise control.

Not an attractive interior, even though Fiat used quality materials and everything was well put together, the overall impression it gave was a dull look with lack of attitude.

Designed to be a family hatchback, Fiat did not focus to create a precise steering. With the light steering and the good comfortable suspension, the Stilo was a good car to drive around the town.

Overall, the Stilo was a roomy and comfortable car with reliable engines.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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