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FORD Excursion
FORD Excursion   2000 2005
2000 2005

When it comes to size, the Excursion was the Godzilla of its times, stretching longer than any Chevrolet Suburban and made the Ford Focus looked like a Pinto when parked next to the big SUV.
Ford took inspiration from Hummer when it built the Excursion. While the rugged military vehicle was big with four cramped seats and offered a cubicle’s comfort, the Excursion tried to be on the other side of the scale but showed less off-road abilities. The road-Behemoth was built on the same chassis as the F250 Super Duty and delivered ample room for up to nine people inside.

The front fascia resembled the F250 front fascia, with big squared headlights and a three-parted grille. Hence the car was very tall on its feet. It featured a steel metallic bumper under the bumper to prevent the vehicle climb on other sedans. Ford installed side-steps to climb inside the vehicle, and that was a good idea. In the back, the tailgate split in three, with the window going up and the lower side opening from the middle on the left and right hinges.

Inside, Ford offered a limo-like room for seven or eight passengers. It could also be offered with up to nine seating capacity with three rows of benches. Otherwise, it featured captain seats in the middle and individual seats at the front. The dashboard was similar to the one installed on the F250 Super Duty.

Under the hood, Ford installed the V10 Triton engine for the base, 4x4 model, but the Excursion was available in a 4x2 version as well. Despite the rigid front axle with leaf-springs, the biggest SUV on the market offered good comfort thanks to its huge wheelbase.

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