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FORD Orion
FORD Orion   1990 1993
1990 1993

Ford tried to differentiate the hatchback from the Escort’s sedan versions and put the Orion nameplate on the four-door model.
It lasted only three years.

In 1990, Ford introduced a new generation of the beloved Escort on the market. Its flowing lines and flush door handles made it look more upmarket at a glance. But the only chance to have the handles in body color was to have a black car. The carmaker carried over most of the body panels from the 5-door version, but it changed the rear part where Ford installed a closed-box trunk area instead of the hatchback style with a liftgate. In the back, the taillights were mounted only on the quarter panels.

Inside, the dashboard was the main downside of the car. It looked like Ford hired the same team that drew the lines for the Sierra lineup. They made it with straight lines and angular shapes, but that trend was already gone. There was room for five adults inside, but with little room for the center bench passenger. It was an adequate choice for the customers who considered the four-door version a family sedan with a slight appeal for the middle-class buyers and the car-rental services as well.

Under the hood, Ford offered a choice of six engines, including a diesel version. The base version was a frugal 1.3-liter unit that provided only 60 hp, while the top-performer version was the 1.8-liter engine with 105 hp. All versions were paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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