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HOLDEN EJ Wagon   1962 1963
1962 1963

Holden received major financial support from the Australian government to research and develop a new vehicle, and GM used that money wisely.
In 1962, Holden introduced the fourth Holden in the lineup: the EJ. It was a complete departure from the older EK model, and its styling was Australian. Moreover, 99% of the car’s components were manufactured in Down Under, and the carmaker exported the final product to other countries. It was a huge success. The addition of a station wagon just made things better for its customers.

At the front, the EJ featured two round headlights and a flat, low grille with chromed horizontal slats. Holden wrote the brand name clearly with chromed capital letters in front of the hood. From its sides, the slightly curved lines were far from what Holden’s design used to be. In the station-wagon shape, the carmaker changed the entire car from the B-pillar rearward. The carmaker installed a wide side window between the rear doors and the raked-forward tailgate, with a split-opening system.

Inside, the EJ featured a bench at the front and a folding bench in the rear. The dashboard was narrow and sloped with a body-colored front area. It was a fresh design idea. Its trapezoidal instrument cluster sported a wide speedometer in the middle, flanked by a few gauges for fuel, amps, coolant temperature, and oil pressure.

Under the hood, the Holden installed an inline-six engine carried over from the previous EK model. The same went with the suspension, which offered a rigid axle in the rear.

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