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JAGUAR S-Type   2004 2007
2004 2007

After four years on the market, Jaguar introduced a mid-life cycle refresh for the S-Type and made it Euro 5 compliant.
The S-Type was the first important step taken by Jaguar since Ford bought it, but the American platform used for it was far from what the British car was once. Its customers were not very happy with it, and the addition of diesel engines made the purists cries. But it was the ‘2000s and the turbo-diesel engines counted for more than half of the European car sales.

In 2004, Jaguar took another step in improving the car that should save the brand. Its overall shape remained unchanged, but the headlights were completely new and included clear-lens technology that improved the light. The bumper sported a wider grille at the bottom and incorporated the round fog lights. In the rear, there was just a slight reshape for the bumper.

Inside was a different story. Even though the car featured some Ford buttons and switches, it looked fresh. A completely new dashboard sported rectangular vents. In the center stack, Jaguar introduced an infotainment system with satellite navigation and a color screen. The J-pattern for the automatic gearbox selector remained unchanged.

Under the hood, Ford introduced a 2.5-liter V-6 engine carried over from the Mondeo and a 2.7-liter turbo diesel used on the Land Rover Discovery.

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JAGUAR S-Type   1999 2002
1999 2002

The British fans warmly welcomed the S-Type’s re-birth, and they saw it as a bright future for their beloved brand, which was under Ford’s management.
After a long period of financial troubles, Jaguar was doing fine again under Ford’s management. It had some plans for the future, and the S-Type was only one part of the American carmaker plans to revive the British brand.

Jaguar introduced the original S-Type in 1963, and the design team carried over its lines on the new model. It was a retro-design done right. A heart-shaped grille completed its rounded lines and the design of the quad headlights. Jaguar built the new lineup to fill the gap below the XJ lineup, and the plans for launching a smaller sibling, the X-Type, were on the way.

Besides the exterior look, the S-Type was a luxurious sedan with a mix of leather and wood-trims interior. Unfortunately, some plastic panels and Ford buttons spoiled the car’s exquisite look. Its suspension was tuned for comfort and, thanks to its generous wheelbase, provided enough legroom for all passengers.

Technically, the S-Type was based on the same platform as the Lincoln LS, and that explained why it offered such a long wheelbase. Under the hood, Jaguar installed a choice of two gasoline engines and, for the European market, a 2.7-liter V-6 turbo-diesel engine developed in cooperation with Peugeot. Depending on the powerplant and market destination, the S-Type featured a manual or an automatic gearbox fitted as standard.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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