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LINCOLN Mark LT   2009 2022
2009 2022

The second generation Mark LT was canceled for the United States but it was kept for sale in Mexico, where it is the brand’s best-selling model.
The Mark LT is based on the 12th generation Ford F-150, from which is not very different apart from a few styling approaches like the front fascia ad the taillights. Among the interior features, it has full-covered leather seats, wood trimmings, leather covered dashboard and steering wheel as well as an LCD based infotainment system mounted on the central console. The Mark LT comes in two variants, a short and long bedded model.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
LINCOLN Mark LT   2005 2008
2005 2008

In 2005, Lincoln tried to get a grip on the market with a luxurious pickup truck.
While at first, it seemed to be out of place, it soon proved to be right.

Lincoln was not at its first attempt to enter the pickup market. It tired before with the Blackwood, and that was not very popular. The LT proved to be spot-on! After all, Ford built it on the same base as the Ford F150, which was more than famous on the market.

The LT featured the waterfall grille style with chromed, vertical slats. Its badge took center stage and looked proud on the tall, massive, front fascia. To further enhance the car’s look and the premium brand, the front bumper featured a chromed upper area. From its sides, it was impossible to miss the specific beltline of an F150. But overall, it looked like a far better built Ford, dressed in a tuxedo but wearing boots.

Inside, there was no room for misunderstanding: the LT was a luxury vehicle. The carmaker installed a new dashboard with a different instrument cluster than the F150. The leather, comfortable seats were flat and designed for less stress on the occupants’ backs. Between the front seats, the carmaker installed an extensive center console with a big storage compartment. Since the Mark LT was offered exclusively as a four-door version, the rear seats were designed for long travels.

Under the hood, Lincoln used only the biggest engine available for the F150: a 5.4-liter V8 gasoline unit paired to a standard 4-speed automatic transmission.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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