RENAULT Megane 5 Doors Megane RS 2020 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Hatchback

Segment: Compact

Renault introduced in 2020 the revised version of the Megane RS with a direct injection 1.8 turbo engine that develops 300 hp (220 kW) and 420 Nm of torque on EDC transmission models.

The increased power gives better acceleration and, in tight corners, the agility and stability was greatly improved through the Sport 4CONTROL chassis. More, a new RS monitor displays several vehicle parameters in real time.

The exterior and interior design are now even sportier, to meet the expectations of the growing number of customers who desire a dynamic look. Like the entire range, the New Megane RS comes with an integrated 9.3-inch screen and the Renault Easy Link multimedia system, as well as the new 10.2-inch TFT digital speedometer.

Also, depending on the country, the New Megane RS is equipped with Lane Departure Warning, adaptive speed control (with Stop & Go on the EDC transmission version) and the Active Emergency Braking System. This last one now features an extension of the advanced emergency braking system for city driving and pedestrian detection.

It is safe to say that with these specs, the new Renault Megane RS will continue the success story of the family that was born in 2004 with the introduction of its first generation.

RENAULT Megane 5 Doors 2020 2022

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