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TOYOTA Crown   1979 1983
1979 1983

Toyota introduced the sixth generation of the Crown in 1980 based on the older, fifth-generation platform.
It was the first generation of the Crown sold in the U.S. and in Western Europe. While it wasn’t very successful on the market, it showed the carmaker’s determination to enter the mid-size sedan segment with a well-built vehicle, even though its styling was not among the best in its class.

The wedged-shaped car featured a flat, vertical front fascia with a different grille, depending on the market and trim level. Generally, it was with thin, vertical slats, but chromed, thick ones were also available, especially for Japan and larger engines. Its quad squared headlights looked similar to those installed on the Impala ‘77. Unlike the American sedan, the Crown featured corner-mounted turn signals and an additional set of blinkers lower on the front bumper.

Toyota tried to make the car look futuristic on the inside and offered a digital instrument panel option, with an LED-based speedometer and a light bar for the tachometer. The regular version featured regular, analog dials. Thanks to its long wheelbase and thin seats, the Crown offered plenty of room for four passengers.

Under the hood, the carmaker installed a choice of two engines for the export market: a 2.8-liter inline-six and a 2.2-liter inline-four. Cab drivers often chose the latter in several countries.

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