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TVR Sagaris
TVR Sagaris   2004 2006
2004 2006

Rather than creating an appealing car for just everybody, TVR was more focused on producing a distinctive, limited car edition.
And they succeeded with the TVR Sagaris.

Making its debut in 2003 at the MPH03 Auto Show, the TVR Sagaris was a sports car produced by the British manufacturer TVR.

While the pre-production model was shown in 2004 at the Birmingham Motor Show, the final version of the Sagaris was released for sale in 2005.

Based on the TVR 350T, the overall shape was pretty similar, however, Sagari’s body was wider and lower.

Besides the numerous air vents designed to have the car running for hours without any additional new cooling systems, the Sagaris featured thermostatically controlled adjustable hood vents.

Quite unusual, the Sagaris had an asymmetrical styling with the roof over the driver’s side raised to make room for a helmet. The TVR Sagaris had an aggressive expression that screamed power even when parked.

The heart of the Sagaris was a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated engine that developed 406 hp. The incredibly powerful engine and the lightweight carbon fiber turned the small Sagaris into a road rocket.

Having the Sagaris as a daily driver was a real challenge. The wider track meant a reduced turning circle, thus parking in tight places was a struggle. Feeling like home on the open road, the Sagaris was rewarding to drive.

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