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AUDI R8 GT   2010 2013
2010 2013

he Audi’s R8 hardcore track focused variant of the V10? Well, yes, you could call it that.
The new GT version the Gallardo’s base version engine, developing no less than 518 hp and 391 lb.-ft. with the help of the 5.2-liter V10 powerplant.

To make sure that the GT was one of the fastest supercar on the market, Audi worked hard to save weight with a windshield made of a thinner glass, polycarbonate rear window and the aluminum hatch and other lightweight materials used inside the cabin as well.

The overall weight saving was of 100 kg compared to the R8 , and if that was not enough, the GT version had also 30 extra hp.

The exterior design was not to ignore, as the GT looked incredibly well with the carbon rear wing, carbon winglets on the nose, big tailpipes and 19-inch wheels.

Even if the GT was a great track choice, it nevertheless could be used as a daily car, having a sat-nav system, as well as air conditioning.
The interior was impeccably crafted and the Alcantara steering wheel along with the sporty manual Alcantara seats revealed the true nature of the GT.

The GT had the Audi’s well known Quattro system and the Drive Select system was no longer a thing. The 4WD system was very safe and secure, the power being directed in the right direction.

The GT version wasn’t noticeably very different to the regular V10, however, it was more precise in turns with the improved steering and the revised suspension.

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