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AUDI S1   2014 2018
2014 2018

We might say that the A1 Quattro of which only 333 units were produced paved the way for the almost identical S1.
Although an evolution of the original A1, the S1 was cheaper than its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean performance or style were compromised.

The S1 was driven by a 2.0-liter 5-cylinder unit that developed 231 hp and 273 lb.-ft of torque, while the A1’s engine developed 256 hp. In the sprint to 100 km/h, the S1 needed around 5,6 seconds.

A single 6-speed manual transmission was available with the S1 and the power was sent to the front wheels or to all four wheels depending on the road conditions or the driver input.

The S1 featured a tweaked suspension, a specifically tuned control software and larger brakes and wheels.

The exterior design of the S1 was refreshed with more-angular headlights and redesigned taillights, the overall look displaying more aggressiveness.

Inside, the S1 was fitted with model-specific gauges and support sport seats.

Various levels of individualisation were offered to turn the cabin into a sportier or into a more luxurious one.

The 2014 S1 came in 3- or 5-door body styles, with the 5-doors version having the Sportback nomenclature.

While few rivals were available on the market, none of them offered an all-wheel-drive system.

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