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BMW M6 Gran Coupe F06
BMW M6 Gran Coupe  F06 2013 2018
2013 2018

The 2013 M6 was the car built for those who were looking for a performance coupe but they need to buy a 4-door sedan instead.
Fortunately, the M6 Gran Coupe was not a compromise, but a solution.

The BMW 6 Series was launched as a coupe back in the late ’70s and was built on the same platform with the 5 Series. That didn’t change when the new generation was launched and, with the 4-door version named Gran Coupe, it was just more useful, not only appealing.

Every car built by Motorsport GmbH was special. And their designers had to show that. Some models were more subtle, such as the E39 M5 while others were just striking, like the M3 GTR. Somewhere in between, there was the M6. It looked business, but it wasn’t flamboyant. The same with the 2013 M6 Gran Coupe. A redesigned front bumper with larger air-intakes was present. In the rear, the four pipes under the bumper showed that the car was not just for the show.

Inside the cabin, there were four seats available, with bucket-seats upfront and individual seats in the rear separated by an extended center console. The whole car was built like a true Granturismo vehicle, except that it had 4 doors instead of two.

Regarding the performance, it was in the same league with its M5 brother, with which it shared the technical platform. Basically, the M6 Gran Coupe was an M5 in disguise.

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