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CITROEN GSA   1979 1986
1979 1986

Citroen introduced the GS in 1970, and it improved it over the years, such as the 1979 model, which brought some significant changes for the small family car.
By 1979, the French carmaker was already known for its revolutionary design and unusual technical solutions applied to its cars. But the times when Citroen could do whatever they wanted were gone after Peugeot bought it in 1974. The GS was on the profitable side of the balance, and that saved it. But it still had to be improved.

In 1979, the metallic bumper trend was gone, and everyone was looking for smoother surfaces and better-connected parts. The GS was renamed GSA and received plastic, wrap-around bumpers. Its overall shape resembled the larger, more luxurious CX model, with a sloped tailgate.

Inside, Citroen GSA kept its original design with a one-spoke steering wheel and a set of buttons and knobs next to the instrument cluster, unlike other carmakers that installed stalks on the steering column. The French carmaker designed the car to be comfortable and installed plushy seats at the front and a flat bench in the rear.

Since it was built as an economical vehicle, the GSA kept the 1.1-liter and the 1.4-liter flat-four engines. Citroen paired both versions to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

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