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CITROEN Nemo Combi
CITROEN Nemo Combi  2008 2015
2008 2015

Citroen launched the small MPV Nemo at the Brussels Motor Show in 2008.
It was a vehicle based on a light utility vehicle, developed in cooperation with Fiat.

Some small entrepreneurs are using the same car for personal and professional use. While some are using pickup-trucks, in small cities a car such as the Nemo could have been more useful due to its size and practicality. In a crowded traffic, with narrow streets and matchbox size parking space, a pickup would be useless.

The basic exterior needs of a small van in Europe were a rugged appearance due to its black plastic bumpers and side protection over the bodywork, sliding doors and a liftback tailgate to easily load and unload goods. To fit more items into the cabin, the exterior design featured vertical side and rear panels.

Inside, the seating position was higher than in most of the small-segment cars. The same went with the rear bench, which could have been folded flat to form a decent load area. For the driver, the Nemo Multispace was equipped with a height-adjustable seat. The steering column was adjustable for height and reach. The instrument cluster was a carry-over from the Fiat Grande Punto, with four analog gauges and a small display for the trip computer.

The car was designed with the fuel-efficiency in mind. The small, 1.4-liter engines, diesel or gasoline, were very frugal in terms of consumption. The high-mounted gear-stick on the dashboard allowed a good reach for the driver. It was available with manual or automatic transmission.

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