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DACIA 1100
DACIA 1100   1968 1971
1968 1971

The Dacia 1100 was the first vehicle produced by the Romanian car manufacturer Automobile Dacia S.A. It was pretty much a copy of the French car Renault 8.

The 1100 was a 4-door saloon with a rear-mounted engine. Most of the car’s parts were delivered from France and everything was assembled in Romania.

The braking system featured brake discs for both front and rear wheels, a rare equipment for that time. The first Dacia 1100 was offered as a gift to the communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and the vehicle now belongs to the Romanian Auto Club.

One of the most interesting facts was that the Dacia 1100 was built for ralies, although its top speed was at only 132 km/h.

The Dacia 1100’s design was not very different from the Renault 8’s, the only change consisting of a chromed logo placed between thr headlights.
The exterior available colors were red, blue, grey and green.

The engine had 1,108 cmc was developed 46 hp and it was mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

A more powerful Dacia 1100, with a refreshed design, was produced under the name of Dacia 1100 S in a limited series. Their production was intended mostly for competitions and the Ministry of the Interior.

37,546 vehicles were produced between 1968 and 1971.

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