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DODGE Avenger
DODGE Avenger   2010 2014
2010 2014

For 2011, the Dodge Avenger got a slightly reworked body, coming with a new crosshair grille, new bumpers, rims and some new colors to choose from, the same being applied to the top specs R/T version.
The interior also got overhauled and received more sound insulation. A new steering wheel with shortcut buttons replaced the old one as well as new interior lighting and a revised infotainment system featuring voice commands and SIRIUS Satellite Radio, 30-gigabyte hard drive as well as multiple connectivity. The powertrain options have been revised too while the suspension got tuned for better agility and a more aggressive stance.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
DODGE Avenger
DODGE Avenger   2007 2010
2007 2010

The 2007 Dodge Avenger was sold in the U.S., Europe, and other countries but it had a hard time convincing buyers. In Europe, it had one of the most fuel-efficient diesel engines on the market. But it still, didn’t make it.

It was designed to look like a shrunk Dodge Charger, with the same cues on the headlights and powerful shoulders over the rear wheels. A small wing on the trunk-lid was often seen on the cars but it was just for the look. It sure looked different than other vehicles in its class, such as the Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6, Honda Accord or Toyota Avensis. In the U.S. its competitor list was longer, with names such as the Pontiac G6 added and others.

The idea behind the car was to build something affordable and if someone was ready to spend some extra bucks, something sporty inside a car that looked angry, but not scary. The Dodge Avenger, unlike the comics hero, wasn’t so special unless it was the top-spec RT model with 3.5-liter V6 and an all-wheel-drive system. On the basic trim levels, it didn’t offer anti-lock brakes, which was not a very good idea.

Inside, the layout was clean and nice, with a tilted and telescoping steering column. It had features such as navigation system and 20 Gb onboard hard-drive for music, a heated or cooled cup-holder for the front passengers, and a DVD-player for the rear seats.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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