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FERRARI 458 Italia
FERRARI 458 Italia   2009 2015
2009 2015

In 2009, Ferrari brought a new breed in its stable: the 458 Italia.
It had the highest horsepower/liter value in the world for a naturally aspirated engine. It was the first mid-engine direct-injected Ferrari ever. And then it was the look

Ok, we already know that most of the Ferraris looked good or great. There were some that didn’t, but most of them were great. The Italia is on the great looking sector. The headlights had a different design than those with which the Italian manufacturer use to install. Their prolonged design towards the windshield was unusual. But they looked great and it was like a trademark for the Ferrari.

The car featured a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission from the German manufacturer Getrag. Somehow, that is to be found in the AMG SLS. It was the only transmission offered. It is interesting that it wore that gearbox instead of the one used for the F430 Challenge, but it took the read E-Diff, which was an electronically controlled self-locking differential. But it did took the carbon-ceramic brakes.

For the new chassis, once more in aluminum, Maranello’s engineers incorporated various types of advanced alloys along with aerospace industry-derived manufacturing and bonding techniques. This is one of the key factors that led to a 1380 kg (3042 lbs) dry weight vehicle. And this is one of the explanations for the excellent performance.

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