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FIAT 1200
FIAT 1200   1957 1961
1957 1961

The 1200 was unveiled at the 1957 Turin Motor Show along with its siblings, the coupe, and the spider.
It was an important step forward for the Italian car-maker, a step toward the modern era.

The 1200 was based on its predecessor, the Fiat 1100, which was based on a pre-war car, the Fiat Balilla TV (Turismo Veloce). The 1200 was a shy step forward, a cautious approach to a market that was still suffering after WWII. By leaving behind the curved lines from the 1100, which were a nightmare for the body shop and pain for the repairs, the 1200 adopted new forms with lower production costs.

The higher beltline and the bigger greenhouse hid the older Balilla chassis underneath the car. A wider windscreen and taller windows enhanced the interior luminosity and that led to the car’s nickname, “Granluce” (Big light). The round headlights and the bigger trunk were a plus for those times.

Inside, the Fiat 1200 featured seating for four. Due to its body-on-frame system, the driveshaft was running underneath the car so there was an almost flat rear floor. The gearshift was placed behind the steering wheel, meaning that there was a free passage from left to right in the front. There was no center console or center stack. The instrument panel was simple, with round dials.

Under the hood, there was a newly developed 1.2-liter gasoline engine that produced 55 hp. The four-speed manual transmission was the only option. The car was rear-wheel drive, as most of the cars from that era.

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