FIAT 2300 Station Wagon

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FIAT 2300 Station Wagon
FIAT 2300 Station Wagon   1961 1968
1961 1968

After introducing the 2300 model on the market in 1961, Fiat added a station wagon version for the mid-size sedan lineup, named Familiare (Family).
The Italian carmaker was on top of its game in the early ’60s, with a new lineup and big sales in most areas. Its main competitors were not Opel or Renault but Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. Fiat noticed that the customers needed roomier vehicles, specially designed for more luggage in holidays. Moreover, the camping relaxation trend was increasing. Instead of offering a minivan, which was not a popular all-year-around vehicle, it offered station wagons, such as the 2300 Familiare.

The new version shared the same front fascia with its sedan sibling, sporting the dual headlights system at the front with eyebrow-style chromed trims. A big, wide, metallic grille filled almost the whole front fascia. At the same time, the chromed bumper with rubber protections was not only useful in tight parking spots but also considered a revolutionary safety feature. Fiat extended the cabin over the trunk area with a longer roof and a set of side windows. The split-opening tailgate system allowed customers to sit on the fold-down panel and enjoy the view.

Fiat insisted that the car had to offer great comfort and a luxurious look for its customers. Unfortunately, the car didn’t feature air-conditioning and power windows, and that was not very appreciated. The Familiare version offered a completely flat area with the rear bench folded long and wide enough to accommodate an inflatable bed. Somehow, it was better than a tent but offered less privacy.

Under the hood, Fiat installed an inline-six engine paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox. Later on, a 5-speed manual was available as an option.

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