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FIAT 525
FIAT 525   1928 1929
1928 1929

In the late ’20s, Fiat changed the 512 model with a bigger, luxurious, 525 model.
Soon, the car proved to be more attractive as a spider than a sedan.

The Sedan version was almost put in the shade by its sibling, the 525 SS, which featured a shortened chassis and a more potent engine, but the 525 Sedan was the true underdog that could handle well and was fast enough for its times.

Fiat was already a trusted name in the automotive industry, and a decade after WWI, it introduced the 525 model range. It featured a closed cabin construction with room for five adult passengers. Its double chromed bumpers were a new safety feature appreciated by its customers, who weren’t always on the right side of the law. The wide rear-hinged rear doors (suicide-doors) made allowed quick access inside the cabin.

The interior was quite similar to the one from the 512 model, with the steering wheel still on the car’s right side. At those times, there was not a clear requirement for the carmakers where to place the driver.

Like all of the cars from that era, the 525 was built on a ladder-chassis with solid axles both front and back and leaf-springs. The ride was quite harsh, but the roads were not in a mint condition either. Its four drum-brakes helped the car stop quicker, even though the power-brakes were not available.

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