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FIAT Palio Weekend
FIAT Palio Weekend   2012 2019
2012 2019

In 2012, Fiat Argentina unveiled the new range for the Fiat Palio Weekend.
It was available in three versions: Attractive, Trekking, and Adventure. It was the last generation for the Palio.

For some markets, the car-makers build specific models, depending on the local demands, but cannot be sold on other markets for various reasons, from regulations to the low demand for that kind of vehicle. Argentina and Mercosur (the South American trade bloc) market requested an affordable station-wagon that could cope well with unpaved roads. And the Italians gave the O.K.

The second generation of the Fiat Palio was introduced in 2011. To fulfill the market needs there was a light version, named Attractive, with standard suspension and built for normal roads. It was just a regular street vehicle. The next on the line was the Trekking, which featured flared wheel-arches and a mild-rough look but the same ground clearance as the Attractive. The top of the line Adventure featured a higher ground clearance and tough-looking black plastic protection over the wheel-arches, side-sills, and front bumper. As a special feature, the Adventure was fitted with four fog-lights. A set of 15” light alloy wheels was installed, while the other lesser trim levels were fitted with 14” wheels.

The cars were fitted with some comfort features, such as power-steering, front power-windows (Trekking and Adventure), and stereo. A standard feature for all three of them was the 50/50 split-folding rear bench seatback.

The Palio Weekend featured a 1.4-liter engine for the Attractive and Trekking and an exclusive 1.6-liter unit for the Adventure. A front electrically locking differential was available as an option for the top trim-level.

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