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FIAT Punto Cabrio
FIAT Punto Cabrio   1994 1999
1994 1999

Fiat unveiled in 1994 was one of the cheapest convertibles in the world at that time, the Punto.
Unlike the hatchback body style which was the work of Giugiaro, the convertible was designed by Bertone.

As the Punto was designed as a convertible from the start, there was no need for hidden rollover bars. Just in case of a rollover, the windscreen pillars were extremely tough and were able to withstand more than twice the car’s weight.

The small cabriolet featured an electric-powered fully retracting roof, however, the models designed for the European market were also available with a manual roof.

At first, the Punto was powered by a 1.6-liter MPi unit that produced 90 hp. Later on, the unit was replaced by a punchy 1.2-liter 16v unit that developed 86 hp.

While you would expect a cabriolet to offer limited legroom for the rear passengers, the Punto was quite unusual. The small Punto was surprisingly practical with a fair amount of legroom both in the front and in the rear cabin.

Aesthetically, the Punto cabriolet did not have the most exciting exterior design, however, from behind the heel, the Punto had a hint of a sports car about it.

The model was later available with alloy wheels, seat-belt pre-tensioners, air conditioning, a passenger airbag, and a new metallic exterior paint color.

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