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HONDA Accord Crosstour Crosstour
HONDA Accord Crosstour Crosstour  2013 2016
2013 2016

Honda tried the market with a 5-door GT car named Accord Crosstour starting with 2009, but the car didn’t convince too many buyers.
In 2013, it refreshed the look and re-named it Crosstour, without the Accord.

The world was already on the recovery path after the economic crisis and the car-manufacturers started to built different cars to test the market. On the SUV side, the coupe-like vehicles such as the X6 was a big success. The four-door coupe, like the CLS and the Volkswagen Passat CC, was another hit. Honda tried to break into a new segment, the cross-over utility segment, with a fastback based on a family sedan. In 2013, the Accord name was taken out from the car’s name and the facelifted version was sold with only the Crosstour name.

The design was considered by Honda fans as a big flop. The Crosstour featured a front side that resembled the Accord (U.S. model) but with higher ground clearance and a fake skid-plate under the bumper. A big chromed grille was installed on the front. In the back, some minor changes were done to the bumper and another skid plate underneath.

Inside, the most important feature of the car when compared to a regular Accord was the trunk, which featured a big removable underfloor storage area. It was like a deep plastic tray, good for wet or dirty items. A keyless-entry and push-button start system were introduced.

For the engine bay, Honda offered an improved V6 engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The 2010 model featured the previous 3.5-liter unit but mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

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HONDA Accord Crosstour
HONDA Accord Crosstour   2009 2013
2009 2013

It was one of the boldest moves that Honda made into the American market.
The Accord Crosstour was a tryout to make a GT fastback vehicle out of its successful model Accord.

The idea behind the car was to build a crossover based on one of the most successful sedans on the U.S. Market for years. The higher ground clearance, the fastback-style rear end, and the increased interior room should have been big advantages. It was like an Accord sedan, but a little bit more practical with more trunk space and a wide-open liftgate.

The front fascia remained similar to the Accord sedan. The grille was large, with three slots and had the same fascia inspiration as the rest of the range. The headlights were nice and clear and the front bumper featured an additional air-scoop to cool the AC condenser and the lower part of the radiator.

Inside, the Accord Crosstour was well equipped and with plenty of room for the rear seat passengers. The vehicle was intended to be sold for those who were looking for a sporty family vehicle, with a large trunk and coupe-like shape. A nice infotainment unit on top of the dashboard and easy-to-read instrument cluster was also key-elements for owners.

But, in the end, it was a design disaster that didn’t help the car. No matter how known was the Accord name or what qualities it had on the road. It was a true cross-over, with front or all-wheel-drive, but the exterior design didn’t match the car’s technical qualities.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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