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HONDA N600   1969 1972
1969 1972

It was the first Honda automobile officially imported in the U.S. by the Japanese carmaker branch, and it proved to be quite successful thanks to its high fuel-efficiency.

Soichiro Honda built the N350 for the Japanese market and, in 1969, it tried to sell the N600 there, but it failed. Since the engine exceeded the Kei-car category, the customers just chose the smaller engine instead. In the U.K., the N600 competed against Alec Issigonis’s Mini. But despite its numerous qualities, the N600 had its flaws, such as the air-cooled motorcycle-type engine that revved way too high for the average user.

Its design was not too different than the one for the N350. It featured the same round headlights, short hood, and small wheels. The slightly raked windshield made the car looks even smaller than it was. In the rear, the carmaker installed a set of lights just above the chromed bumper and an additional set at the C-pillars’ bottom. Make no mistake, but the N600, like the N350, featured a separate trunk lid that didn’t open together with the rear windscreen.

Inside, the carmaker stated that there was room for four adults, but the designers made the calculations according to Japanese standards. A taller driver had a difficult time fitting inside the vehicle.

Under the hood, there was an air-cooled four-cylinder engine that developed an impressive power for its displacement. It was paired to a four-speed manual gearbox. Like the N360, the N600 featured independent suspension in all corners.

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