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HONDA S800   1966 1970
1966 1970

A true milestone in the automotive industry, the Honda S800 was the model that turned the Japanese automaker into a global player.
The sales didn’t go incredibly well, however, the S800 had tons of potential and is now a classic modern that represented a breakthrough.

While back in the 60’s the Japanese car manufacturers faced massive prejudices in Europe, with their models being considered too conservative and dated, the Europeans were astonished by the S800.

What was truly impressive about the S800 was its small engine that was incredibly punchy and fun to drive.

With an engine displacement of only 0.8-liter, the Honda S800 hid 67 hp under the hood. The 0.8-liter unit featured 2 overhead camshafts and 4 carburettors.

Sure, 67 hp might not seem like a lot, however, remember it was the 60’s. Nowadays, most 1.6-liter powerplants develop up to 130 hp if not turbocharged or supercharged, so the ratio is similar.

With such a small engine, the S800 had an impressive top speed of around 160 km/h.

The Honda S800 was not designed for the international market, so sales outside Japan remained modest.

Around 11,000 units of one of the most powerful and fun to drive vehicle for that time were built.

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