MERCEDES BENZ CLS-Klasse CLS 2021 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Coupé

Segment: Medium

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the facelifted version of its four-door coupe CLS in 2021 and brought new options and improved features.
After 450,000 units sold globally since the first generation’s launch, the CLS proved to be a fair bet for the three-pointed-star brand. Even though it didn’t offer enough headroom for the rear passengers or large trunks, the CLS was in high demand.

The 2021 CLS featured a redesigned front fascia with an AMG-style front bumper fitted as standard. It sported a black A-shaped wing, a front splitter in silver chrome, and a 3D radiator grille. From its sides, the AMG side sills. In the back, the carmaker left everything unchanged, with the same diffuser between the rhomboidal-shaped exhausts.

Inside, the carmaker’s most significant change was the infotainment system, which came with two 12.3” screens fitted as standard. They shared the same glass-covered area that made them looked like a widescreen. A touch-pad replaced the older controller between the front seats. Mercedes-Benz introduced automatic parking and exiting parking feature, which warned the driver and applied brakes in cross-traffic situations. Like its predecessor, the 2021 model was not a champ for the interior space, especially for those seated in the rear. With its 12 cu-ft (340 liters) trunk, it could barely compete with some compact hatchbacks, but the CLS owners didn’t bother about that.

Under the hood, Mercedes-Benz offered a wide choice of diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engines. The base levels introduced two inline-four turbocharged powerplants that sent the power to the rear wheels only. The range-topper was the three-liter inline-six helped by an electric starter-booster that sent 367 hp in all corners. A nine-speed automatic gearbox was standard for the entire range.

MERCEDES BENZ CLS-Klasse 2021 2022

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