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NISSAN 200 SX   1994 2000
1994 2000

The 200SX was the export name for the Silvia S14, and it featured a few minor differences, but it kept the same handling package and a similar performance level.
Nissan Silvia nameplate goes back in time since 1975 when a small coupe with a fastback body was introduced. It wasn’t even named Nissan, but Datsun. It made it to the export market and made it on the U.S. sol as well, in a time when the oil crisis crushed the muscle-car era. Fast forward to 1993, when the 1994 200SX was introduced on many markets, including the European and Australian ones.

The exterior was very similar to the Silvia S14 with rounded edges and no pop-up headlights, like its predecessor, the Nissan 280SX. It was offered exclusively as a three-box body shape coupe, while Nissan axed the production plans’ fastback. Its wider track and longer wheelbase made the 200SX/Silvia S14 more comfortable.

Inside, it didn’t show too much inspiration from the designers. It might have been mistaken with a Sentra or Maxima. Just a four-dials instrument cluster and a softly curved dashboard. The upper side was occupied by the HVAC on the center stack, which was sloped and not vertical while the audio system was placed on the bottom. Its front bucket seats promised good support while cornering. In the back, there was a place only for smaller people.

From a technical point of view, the 200SX was a different story. Even though it competed against other sport-coupe cars from its eras, such as the Honda Prelude, Mazda MX6, or Ford Probe, it offered a rear-wheel-drive platform that made it great for drifting. It was fitted as standard to a 5-speed manual, but a 4-speed automatic was available.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
NISSAN 200 SX   1989 1994
1989 1994

The 1989-released Nissan 200 SX had surprisingly sportier looks than later introduced models with an aggressively styled air slicing nose and flowing body lines.
Anticipating the arrival of the 100 NX, this coupe was a fun to drive, powerful, responsive car. The 200 SX was launched with a 4-cylinder 1.9 liter engine with a power output of 169 hp which drove the car to a top speed of 134 mph via a standard 5-speed manual transmission. Alternatively, the vehicle came with a choice of a 4-speed automatic transmission. However, in the latter’s case, driving with ease and comfort were traded with a laggy acceleration and lower maximum speed.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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