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NISSAN Sunny Hatchback
NISSAN Sunny Hatchback   1993 1995
1993 1995

The compact-sized Sunny reached its eighth generation in 1993, and the Japanese carmaker offered it in a few shapes, including a five-door hatchback.
Ever since the ’60, the Sunny was an affordable vehicle in the compact segment. While it was just an econobox, it also provided decent features for its times, and the 1993 model was not an exception. Its only major downside was its bland design language, which didn’t manage to stand out from the crowd.

While its look was not a strong selling point, it still managed to look composed and decent. It featured a front fascia with rectangular headlights and a narrow grille with horizontal slats. The small Nissan logo stood on the upper side in a so-called beak design element. Even though it was in the middle of the bio-design era, the carmaker didn’t work too much on that and rather spent its money on conservative exterior lines. The car’s profile revealed a look similar to the sedan version but with a sloped, wide rear window. Other carmakers already abandoned its Kamm-back styling, but Nissan still believed in it.

The Sunny five-door hatchback featured the same minimalist interior design as its siblings, with an instrument panel that didn’t feature a tachometer for the base trim levels. Like most other Japanese carmakers, Nissan used slim seats for the front occupants so it could provide more legroom for the rear passengers. The folding rear bench expanded the trunk from 280 liters (9.9 cu-ft) to 990 liters (35 cu-ft).

Nissan offered the Sunny hatchback with a choice of three engines, both gasoline and diesel. All versions sent their power to the front wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

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