PEUGEOT 206+ 5 Doors

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PEUGEOT 206+ 5 Doors 206+ 5 doors
PEUGEOT 206+ 5 Doors 206+ 5 doors  2009 2012
2009 2012

Peugeot was in bad financial shape during the world financial crisis and it needed a cheap and fast solution for that problem, and it found it in the twelve-year-old 206.
The 206+ was like an old dog called back to save the herd from the scary wolf of the financial crisis. Even though it was twelve years old, it could still do well among its competitors, and it did it. Since it was already developed and had all the tools to produce it, the carmaker put it back on the assembly lines and sold it at a lower price than the 207.

Since the old dog had a vision problem, Peugeot installed a new front fascia on the 206 and a new pair of longer headlights. Thus, it mimicked its younger brother and kept a fresh face, even though most customers preferred the older look. In addition, the 206+ was exclusively available as a hatchback with a choice for three or five doors, and only one trim level.

Inside, the carmaker refreshed the interior with a new instrument cluster. Maybe it didn’t have enough older dials in the stock and used the new ones. But that makeover created an appealing look to the cheap vehicle. The 206+ offered the same seats as the 206 but with upholstery from the 207. At the back, it provided a folding seatback for the bench to increase the trunk space.

Under the hood, Peugeot installed a choice of three engines: a 1.1-liter, a 1.4-liter, and a 1.4-liter turbo-diesel, all paired with a five-speed manual.

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