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PEUGEOT 206 CC   2001 2007
2001 2007

If Mercedes could offer two cars in one, the SLK, so could Peugeot with its 206 CC.
Peugeot called the 206 CC a 2+2 Coupe, a vehicle that also had a decent sized trunk space.

The cost of the “magic” roof represented 15% of the car’s total price, however, Peugeot managed to keep the prices affordable, with a starting price of around $16.000.

Peugeot claimed that they built 400 units per day, and, the 206 CC was loved by the public so much that it sold as better as a second-hand car.

The 206 CC was designed by Eric Berthet with the aim of producing a car that appealed to both coupes and convertible lovers.

While the front seats were comfortable, the rear seats could only accommodate children due to the limited legroom and headroom.

The base engine offered for the 206 CC was a 1.6-liter 16-valve powerplant developing 110 hp. The 1.6-liter engine was the only one that could be mated with an automatic transmission.

A little bit more noisier and less fuel efficient was the 2.-liter engine developing 138 hp.

The 206 CC was equipped with power steering, power windows and mirrors, 4 airbags and sportier seats as optional.

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