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TOYOTA Vios   2013 2022
2013 2022

Built for the Eastern countries, the third generation B-segment Toyota Vios was launched in March 2013, and just by the looks you could tell it’s a more mature car than the previous models.
The “Vios” nameplate came for the latin word “vio” which means “to move forward”.

Its design was quite interesting, having a V-shaped nose and a large trapezoidal grille, tinted headlights and large blacked out areas that gives it a bolder look. Another important visual and functional change is that the headlights had light projectors instead of classic reflector-backed bulbs. This budget sedan is quite big for its class, measuring 4,410 mm in length and 1,700 mm in width.

The interior is redesigned, having sharp sweeping lines and with the instrument cluster mounted back behind the steering wheel. It features a sporty three-binnacle design with red backlight while the displays and buttons on the central console are all lit in blue.

Toyota always based its work on the concept of not replacing what isn’t broken, but improving for better, thus their cars were mostly bought for reliability rather than for looks. Of course, the Vios didn’t look bad, it just wasn’t a beautiful car, but buyers counted on it for driving them from A to B without much of a hassle.
The gasoline engine with the VVT-I technology included delivered 109 hp and drove the car to maximum of 171 km/h. It took 12 seconds for the Vios to reach 100 kph. The engine was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

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